7 Lug. 2009

Babbo Natale e l'Enterprise 2.0

Bertrand Duperrin ha scritto un bel post provocatorio sul crepuscolo dell’enterprise 2.0. e l’emergere della socializzazione dei processi. Il senso è che tutte le discussioni tra specialisti che facciamo a riguardo sono e resteranno, per le aziende, dei discorsi vaghi e accademici finché questi sistemi non dimostreranno il loro valore. Ed è su questo che bisogna puntare. Il resto sono pippe.

Cito dal post:

Many people complain about companies who don’t understand enterprise 2.0, say that managers should by dictionnaries, that we may have to wait for an entire generation do retire (or die) to get to something. I don’t subscribe to this point of view. More, I think it traduces a total lack of humility : it’s enterprise 2.0 that has to learn to speak the enterprise language, because even if we change the way things are done, there are structuring realities that are unchanging.


Of course, some may prefer the “believe in Santa Claus” attitude. Complain about being misunderstood. Repeat endlessly that ROI is not the point. Wonder if Sharepoint is an enterprise 2.0 platform or not. Say we have to believe. Tearing one’s hair out because nobody understands it’s about people and not about technology. Wonder what a community is. Wonder about what email is worth. Say it’s not a revolution but an evolution (or the contrary). Make it a religious case and burn heretics. But, in this case, we may go round in circles for many years without making any kind of progress.
Successful companies didn’t lose their time on this kind of questions. They wanted to create value and tackled the way value is actually created. They took into account the fact they had to adress people’s daily tasks and concerns, make sense regarding to collective and individual issues, position their 2.0 project on a strategic point so that they couldn’t afford failure. In short : they took enterprise 2.0 out of its traditional sanitized zone an applied it to what determines and structures the company’s activity.


Vi segnalo anche un’altra risorsa critica (questa volta in generale), che parla della noiosità dell’eneterprise 2.0. e mi sembra uno dei pochi articoli intelligenti scritti sul tema.