Goal Setting Cards for intranet co-design


The intranet goal setting cards help the work team to define the goals of the intranet, through group work led by a facilitator.

They must be used in a dedicated workshop in combination with the objectives canvas.

How do they work

The cards are 52, divided into 5 categories of objectives:

  1. Working together
  2. Corporate culture
  3. Efficiency
  4. Information
  5. Process support

Complete the set 2 wild cards in which new and specific objectives can be inserted.

In each card there are spaces to be able to insert, for each objective:

  • the contents / services that the intranet will offer to achieve the goal
  • the indicators that will measure the degree of achievement of the objective

How to use the goal-setting cards

  • Work with at least two groups, each with four to six participants. The task lasts about one hour.
  • Distribute a set of randomly mixed cards, each containing one intranet goal, to each group. When you give the word to start, the groups have 20 minutes to discuss and identify their five goals.
  • When they have completed their task, write the five goals identified by each group on a white-board or similar (five minutes).
  • At this points, each participant has 10 minutes to vote for the three goals they feel are most important, from those identified by all of the groups. For this, you can use sticky dots: each participant will have three dots to place on their preferred goals. Participants can also place all of their dots on just one goal.
  • Once the participants have identified the three goals with the most votes, they return to their groups to decide on the content and key performance indicators (KPIs) for each of the three goals (20 minutes).
  • Write the content and KPIs selected by each group on the board (10 minutes).

Good work 🙂

)workshop obiettivi della intranet - esempio 02  workshop obiettivi della intranet - esempio 03