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Intranet Italia Champions Report 2019 (english version)

Intranet Italia Champions: case studies Report.

Italian version here

The best Intranet Italian projects of 2019, with main trends, focuses on contents and suggestions from the international jury.

227 pages, 29 case studies, presented by 24 companies. 4 winning projects and 10 mentions, with more than 220 screenshots.


The Italia Intranet Champions (IIC) is an annual award given to companies that have implemented on their Intranet an initiative, a content, or an innovative and successful feature for the company and its employees. New ideas, useful and innovative content (or presented in a new way), engaging and participated initiatives, useful and well-designed services, features and innovative applications that have produced important results for the company and its employees.

Index of IIC2019 Report

  1. The Intranet Italia Champions Award
    1. The organizers
    2. The prize categories
    3. The award criteria
    4. The judges
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. Disclaimer
  2. Executive summary (here the excecutive summary online)
    1. The winners
    2. Case studies
    3. Some trends
  3. The winners
    1. Angelini Group – A new digital workplace
    2. Fastweb – A dedicated app for deskbooking
    3. Ferrero -An advanced, profiled and multilingual digital workplace
    4. Rai – RaiPlace: Attendance, training and information management
  4. Case studies
    1. Contents and initiatives
      1. Gruppo Sella – Corporate values and multi-channel logic
      2. Generali Italia – Organization chart, social wall and web radio
      3. IMA – Sector areas and targeted contents
      4. IREN – Project of values and self-produced videos
      5. Poste Italiane – Poste Italiane’s national football team
      6. TIM – The campaign for inclusion
    2. Applications and services
      1. Gruppo Aboca – An inclusive APP for the employees
      2. Bologna Airport – A location-based TV intranet
      3. ISTAT – Online management of HR reservations
    3. SociaI Networking
      1. Fater – Social intranet, gamification and social collaboration
    4. Design solutions
      1. Sky Italia – restyling, new editorial formats and an A-Z index for the intranet
      2. SUPSI – A personalized portal for employees


This report is the result of a lengthy process of collection, selection, in-depth analysis, translation and evaluation. Its value is linked to the many people who have contributed, with their know-how and their passion, to its realization.


It is forbidden to make this document public, in whole or in part, through the Internet or in any public file sharing platform.